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Welcome to the Irish Football Association’s on line training platform.  The platform provides information and advice for those who wish to complete a referee course.  Having a detailed working knowledge of the Laws of the Game is a great thing to possess. 

However, there is much more to know for anyone who wishes to make a successful career from refereeing.  The platform therefore provides a training library, which covers 8 separate topics, which will not only be beneficial and helpful to new and aspiring match officials, but also will be helpful for existing referees who wish to gain a greater knowledge and insight on important aspects of their preparation and management of any game.

Why become a referee?

From the top game in the Danske Bank Premiership to youth games in your local park, football needs referees – would you be up to the challenge?

Have you ever stood at the side of a pitch and commented about the referee? Have you ever thought you could do better yourself? Have you ever considered the sacrifices that a referee has made to not only be there on the day but all of the training, development, fitness work and commitment that is required?

Refereeing is challenging, but it is also very rewarding.  Match officials are an essential part of the game.   Whatever your ambition, there is nothing like the personal buzz of coming off the field of play knowing that you have made an important contribution to the game which has just been played.

Signing up to this course is hopefully the first step in a long and rewarding career as an IFA match official. Good luck!

What other learners have said

Fantastic, easy to use well structured course content. Ideal for a former player or coach taking up the whistle, has given me greater insight into all areas of the game, that will not only benefit me as a referee but will improve and enhance the experience for all those playing and watching. Many thanks..
Mark Leahy
Very enjoyable course, learnt a lot , great value for money and kept my football brain alive during this difficult covid 19 time

Kenny Burns
Wow what an amazing course! I reccomend anyone wanting to become a referee within football to complete it!
Taylor Bird

Really enjoyed the content on here, it was easy and accessible. It provided me with good knowledge on the game and how to progress as a ref.

Much appreciated and will defiantly recommend.

Aaron Brown